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Live AGM Streaming

Streaming Wizard can provide a full package of live streaming services, giving you the ability to have a live webcast of your AGM displayed in real time on your website.

Using live event streaming from Streaming Wizard for your AGM can deliver significant cost benefits whilst increasing your audience scope and capacity. Your stakeholders from across the globe can now actively participate in your AGM no matter what their physical location.

We have undertaken hundreds of live webcast's for many clients and can bring our experience, knowledge and best practice methods to ensure that your event runs without missing a beat.

We can supply all the elements require for a live broadcast. Alternatively, we can also work with your in house AV team or with camera crews and sound engineers provided by the venue.

  • Filming Services – We can provide a single camera operator or a full broadcast crew.
  • Live Encoding – We take the audio and videos feeds from the camera and sound desk and encode these signals for re-broadcasting as a live web stream.
  • Live Streaming Service – The encoded signal is relayed to our streaming servers and then your viewers can watch your live event via a streaming media player embedded on your website.

Streaming Wizard can also record a perfect copy your live broadcast and then have this content immediately available for 'on demand' delivery via your website.

No one ever needs to miss an event again!

The recorded footage is encoded and hosted on our servers using an on demand streaming service and this content can then be watched at any time.

Enhanced Streaming Services

We can also offer additional services to enhance your live AGM streaming. We offer a range of broadcast quality streaming encoders with additional features that enable you to display your presenter’s PowerPoint slides as a part of the live webcast. In addition to this we can also provide encoders with advanced graphical overlay capabilities. There are some additional costs for the provision of enhanced live webcast's which depend on your desired end result.

When choosing Streaming Wizard for adding a live webcast to your AGM, you are engaging with a partner who has successfully undertaken the live streaming at hundreds of large and small scale events with a 100% success rate.

Get it right first time and every time - Call us now on 01926 313448 to discuss your event with one of our team.

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