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Streaming Conferences

With Streaming Wizard's live event streaming service you can broadcast your conference or seminar live, in real time, to a global audience.

There are enormous cost benefits to be achieved with the addition of live webcasting to your conference game plan.

Infinitely increased audience capacity, savings in travel time and associated expenses, and the ability to record and reuse the content are all reasons why many of our clients now choose to incorporate live streaming into their events. Our service level guarantees and experience are why they choose Streaming Wizard as their streaming media partner.

Given below are several recent examples of clients using this type of service.

Play The Game Conference 2009

The prestigious international Play The Game sporting affairs conference was held at Coventry Cathedral in June 2009. Streaming Wizard was responsible for providing both film crew and encoding engineers for this project. There were multiple live sessions spanning several days and the conference session content had to be available as soon as possible after the event for on demand viewing. Each session was broadcast live to a worldwide audience then the content was immediately encoded and loaded to our streaming servers for on demand consumption.

VMWorld Europe – Cannes 2009

VMworld Europe 2009 took place from 24-26th February at the The Palais des Festivals, Cannes and drew more than 4,700 attendees and more than 100 industry sponsors and exhibitors. With 15 rooms each running up to 6 sessions each day, over 300hrs of content was encoded involving some incredibly tight timeframe's to work to. Streaming Wizard was responsible for encoding every session and preparing this for immediate release as on demand content to the waiting press, media and industry professionals.

Digital Britain Conference

The Digital Britain Summit, held in April 2009 at the British Library, brought together key organisations and individuals to debate how best to equip Britain for a digital future. It was appropriate therefore that live streaming was chosen as a significant part of delivering the message from conference. Streaming Wizard was responsible for the live streaming from this event. Speakers included luminaries such as the Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Lord Mandleson and Stephen Fry and the day was chaired by the BBC’s Nick Higham.

Adding a live video webcast to your conference set up is neither technically complex nor prohibitively expensive.

We have helped hundreds of clients expand the reach of their conferences through the use of streaming media services - get in touch with us today on 01926 313448 to discuss your specific requirements.

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