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Secure Flash Streaming

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Effectively protecting and monetising your content is a key part of the delivery mechanism for many streaming applications. Preventing copying and illegal downloading is vital for many content producers. Our secure flash streaming services can help ensure that only those authorised to access your content.

There are several different levels of security that can be implemented to protect your content and restrict access to authorised users only. This can enable you to transmit sensitive material safe in the knowledge that only the intended viewers get to watch your videos or listen to your audio streams.

Secure Flash Streaming - Case Study

Client: Web Sheriff

Requirement: Protect and distribute high value, pre-release album content for major record labels.

Web Sheriff are one of the most well known and highly respected organisations employed by the major record labels to prevent copyright infringement and to track down and remove illegal copies of artist's works from download and sharing sites.

We were approached by Web Sheriff as they needed a secure way of distributing pre-release copies of up and coming albums to specific reviewers and industry journalists.

The utmost security is required in this type of undertaking to prevent 'leakage' of the content.

Our Secure Flash Streaming service met their requirements perfectly and allowed them to distribute their content safe in the knowledge that it is fully protected and only available to authorised users.

Types of streaming security

Below is an overview of the types of security we can provide to protect your content.

Prevent access by unauthorised users

One of the ways that we work with customers, who wish to protect their content, or wish to levy a charge for accessing it, is simply to restrict access to a specific web page on their site.

This allows you to use your own business rules to restrict access to videos using your existing database and user access rights. We do not need to know any details about your users. All you do is allow or deny users access to the web pages which your videos are embedded on.

Prevent recording of your streams

There are several programs on the market such as RealPlayer Browser Record Plugin for Firefox or Replay Media Catcher that enable users to record the video that they see on the web page.

We can build a secure token into the file that is used to contain your video and create an application on the server with the same token. The streaming server will then only allow connections when the request contains the correct token. This prevents users from downloading your content using video ripping applications such as those mentioned above.

Allowing / Blocking IP address ranges

If you know a specific set of IP addresses that you want to restrict access to (such as those used by your corporate HQ) then we can create a specific module which will prevent users from other IP addresses accessing your content. Alternatively, if you want to limit access to a particular country this can also be achieved with IP blocking.

Domain/URL restriction

We can restrict the domains and more specifically the web page that will allow the connection to the streaming server. If somebody tries to pass the content off as their own, or puts it on their own website (even if it is referenced at the correct location) it will not play.

We have many years experience in delivering and protecting highly valuable content on behalf of our clients. Get in touch with us now on 01926 313448 to discuss your requirements with a member of our team.

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