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On Demand Video Streaming

In choosing Streaming Wizard as your streaming media hosting partner, you are guaranteed the best of everything. From the servers used to host your streaming content, to the networks used to deliver it.

On demand video and audio streaming is being adopted by many different types of industry, educational bodies, entertainment groups and individuals.

Popular on demand streaming content covers all genres and includes:

  • Promotional Videos
  • Training Videos
  • Recordings of seminars, conferences and lectures
  • Music Videos
  • Online TV Channels
  • Information Videos

Backed up by round the clock server monitoring and support, our service to you includes a named account manager who will work with you to ensure the results you get using our services are second to none.

Whatever type of video content you have, the delivery of this content is what can make or break the viewer's experience.
We support all the major streaming video formats including:

  • Flash
  • h.264
  • Windows Media
  • Real Media
  • QuickTime
On Demand Streaming Explained

On demand streaming is the term given to video or audio streams that have been pre-recorded and are available for visitors to play whenever they want.

Streaming Wizard's 'On Demand' service allows you to stream archived media content at anytime, day or night. It also enables your users to control the viewing of a video by being able to fast-forward, rewind and replay as required, just like a more conventional DVD player. On-demand streaming is suitable for any content that is not time-sensitive. (Unlike live streaming when the streaming begins at a specified time, and anyone who clicks the link later than that misses the beginning.)

We deliver your media content from our secure network of servers based around the world; all using highly scalable hardware, configured for optimal delivery of your media. We pre-install and manage all of the major streaming software including Flash Media Server, Wowza, Flash Media Interactive Server, Helix, Windows Media, Darwin, Shoutcast and Icecast servers. Where appropriate we can load balance them across our content delivery network for large scale deployments.

All you need to do is simply sign up for an account and store your media on our secure servers. Our Content Management System then dynamically creates all of the links to your streaming files for you to embed into your website.

We are able to host content of any size; from small one-off media projects through to large archives with high traffic requirements.

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