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How to use the JW Player 6 with Streaming Wizard's video services

This FAQ section is to help you to embed the JW Player on your own webpage and connect to your livestream or videos on our servers. A good starting point is to look at our basic example of a VoD file being embedded. There are also a few simple options that can be easily implemented, such as autostart or automute.

We can also add a personalised logo as an overlay on the player with the same function using a small peice of code, and, using a small peice of JavaScript, we can set the player to start at a later point in the video than the beginning. Check out our examples:

The JW Player can also be used for audio only streams, and can have a scrollable list of several videos to choose from. We also have an example of a page where only one player at a time can run - if another is started, any currently running are stopped. You can find our examples here:

Increasing functionality, the JW Player also supports the use of captions, visual thumbnails, and chapter seeking. To see this in action, take a look at our examples:

Sever side, we also offer adaptive bitrate streaming. The requires the JW Player to connect to a .smil file in your media folder alongside your videos, and allows the viewer to switch between different videos based on their connection strength. The player also picks the best optimised video for their connection as the first one to play. This also automatically detects your connection speed and can switch between the different bitrates almost seamlessly.

If you are having trouble embedding the JW Player in your website, they have a very useful troubleshooting section here:

If you're sure there's a problem on our end, then contact our support team at Please provide your account name and the server you are on, and a link to the webpage with the player on it.

For more information, check out JW Player's official instructions here.

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