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Streaming in Education

Streaming media has the great potential to be one of the most effective and technologically advanced tools for education.

With continued movement away from old-fashioned learning, more and more educational institutions are implementing, or plan to implement, streaming media in their education processes and curricula.

Streaming technology can help to transform education from the traditional classroom/teacher format into more global, technology-based types of education and training.

Broadcasting lectures live over the web, or recording them and then making these available on demand after the event (or both) means utilising streaming media can greatly increase the reach and impact of any individual lecture.

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The use of streaming media for education and training is not just restricted to use by Universities, Colleges and Schools, it is also being widely used by many commercial and non commercial enterprises.

We have clients using online streaming video to provide instruction in everything from playing the guitar to yoga.

Streaming video is also being widely adopted for use in medical and dental training. Video has been an established and invaluable tool for this type of training for many years.

The ability to deliver educational and training content via the web has greatly reduced overall costs traditionally associated with delivery of video content. Once completed, the streaming content can be reused time and again with no re-editing, no DVD's or VHS tapes to produce and distribute, and no copies of your content left lying around!

If you’re considering using video for education or training, talk to us here at Streaming Wizard – our team has helped many clients add streaming media to their training resources with great results.

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