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Flash Streaming Hosting

The huge surge in numbers of Flash enabled browsers, mobiles and handheld devices means that Flash Video is now by far the most widely used format for distribution of high quality, low bandwidth, streaming media.

On demand Flash Video hosting is at the core of our service provision to clients. We offer a range of shared Flash hosting packages tailored to each client's needs and for those with larger storage and bandwidth requirements we provide a full range of dedicated flash servers supporting both Flash Media Server and Wowza Server.

Delivering high quality video and audio streams through your website enriches your visitor's experience, improves retention and increases both time spent on the site and click-through rates.

Adding Flash Video to your website is a simple and straightforward process. With the Streaming Wizard Flash Control Panel no coding knowledge is required. You simply upload your flash video to our servers, use the online control panel to define the streaming player characteristics, then cut and paste the automatically generated code into your web page.

With a range of packages available to suit, whether you have just one video or hundreds, Streaming Wizard can deliver the highest quality flash streaming solutions.

Our introductory level service costs just £120 per year and we can have your account live within the hour.

Within your Streaming Wizard account you have access to an online statistics panel that displays visitor numbers, bandwidth used etc. so you are able to constantly monitor the service.

All our Flash hosting customers receive full technical support to ensure they get the best from the services we provide.

To get started call 01926 313448 to discuss your requirements with one of our team.

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