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How to use Flash Media Live Encoder with Streaming Wizard's hosting services

Flash Media Live Encoder is a little deceptive in its multitude of options, and is pretty simple to use. When using our hosting service, we strongly recommend setting your video format to H.264 for maximum compatibility. A framerate of 25fps is standard for UK video equipment, or 30fps for US equipment. For the bitrate, an average of 800Kbps is usually adequate, but for video with more movement you will want to increase this or you may see more motion blur.

For the audio, we recommend using mp3. A sample rate of 44100Hz must be used for compatability with iOS devices and Safari browsers. The bitrate shouldn't need to go over 48Kbps unless you are streaming music or another detailed form of audio. For voice only, 48Kbps is perfect.

step by step streaming guide step by step streaming guide

On the far right is where you will put the details we provide you with to connect to our servers. It also gives you the option to record the stream to the encoder itself as an .f4v file. Please note that if there are any spaces in the FMS URL or the Stream field then you may not be able to connect to the server or view back your stream.

step by step streaming guide step by step streaming guide

Upon clicking connect you will be asked to input your username and password that we will have provided. From there, it is a simple matter of pressing 'Start' to begin the livestream!

If you are having playback issues, then click on the spanner icon next to the video format, and set the options as shown below. If you are still having issues, please Contact Us.

step by step streaming guide
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