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Successful Streaming

Streaming consultancy services can make your streaming project a success.

Many businesses are profiting from utilizing live and on demand streaming technology to enhance their website's for their end users. Whether you are planning on using streaming to improve product sales, educational/learning experiences or entertainment channels, we want you to benefit too.

If you do not have the necessary hardware, software, bandwidth, time or technological experience to produce successful media streaming, you may require help in planning, developing and integrating your streaming project – our consultancy services can help you.


Streaming Wizard's staff have been in the industry since 1997. We have a wealth of experience, ranging from the live streaming of large rock/pop concerts through to the streaming of on-demand weekly company sales meetings. Please view our customer testimonials and case studies pages to see the diversity or our experience.

Free and Impartial Advice

If you are new to using streaming technology you are going to be faced with an array of potentially confusing options as to how to proceed. We at Streaming Wizard are happy to provide free and impartial advice as well as a brief appraisal for any streaming project you are about to embark upon. If you need advice, please ask us!

Don’t make uninformed decisions about a technology you’re not familiar with – you are likely to be wasting your time and money.

Streaming Consultancy Services

For a detailed analysis and recommendations of best streaming practices and realistic expectations we can perform various consultancy exercises. Our experience and knowledge of what works for customers has been gained from a vast array of past and present projects including e-learning portals, public service webcast's, chart-toping musicians and business conferences amongst many more.

Employ our consultancy services and you will receive all the help you need:

  • Initial project analysis & planning
  • Project implementation
  • On-going support

Some of the questions we'll ask and discuss with you in order to recommend realistic solutions to maximize your streaming investment:

Initial project analysis & planning

  • What do you want to achieve?
  • Do you want to use live or on-demand streaming or a mix?
  • How many users do you expect to connect to the steam/s at any given time?
  • Where are your users & how fast are their internet connections?
  • What are your time-scales to get the streaming available on your website?
  • What equipment – hardware/software do you require?
  • Which media platform/s do you wish to use?

Project Implementation

  • Preparation, encoding and uploading of content for streaming
  • Administration of streaming servers – based at various data centres around the globe
  • Customisation of various configurations

On-going support

  • Technical streaming expertise available when needed
  • Initialising up-grades, extended hosting, additional streams etc

Please call us now on 01926 313448 to discuss your streaming needs and we will guarantee your project is a success.

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