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Streaming Hardware

At Streaming Wizard we are authorised resellers for the following streaming hardware manufacturers:

  • Viewcast
  • Accordent
  • Newtek

Our many years of experience within the streaming media industry gives us an innate understanding of our client’s requirements and how best to meet them. We supply a wide range of broadcast quality streaming hardware including portable streaming encoders, room-based or rack-mounted streaming encoders and professional analogue capture cards.

One thing we most certainly are NOT is a 'box shifter'! By working closely with our clients we ensure that the streaming hardware and streaming services we supply perfectly align with your needs.

The type of streaming hardware you require depends on your final objective.

Live event streaming

Encoding cards

You can convert a suitably equipped PC into a live encoding machine with the addition of one of the ViewCast Osprey range of professional analogue audio and video capture cards. With range of cards to suit all budgets and requirements an Osprey card is a good starting point for those just starting out.

Dedicated Hardware Encoders

For the corporate, educational or enterprise client and those with multiple live streaming events the ViewCast Niagara range of streaming encoders provide a complete hardware and software encoding solution in one streamlined package.

Streaming PowerPoint Presentations

Using the Accordent Capture station, combined with Streaming Wizard's live event streaming services, you can seamlessly blend audio, video and the presenter's PowerPoint slides into one perfectly synchronised presentation for delivery via the web.

Live Streaming with vision mixing and text or graphics overlays

The superb Tricaster range of vision mixers and streaming encoders from NewTek sets new benchmarks in broadcast quality streaming hardware. There is a reason that TriCaster is the standard in portable live production for large broadcasters such as Fox Sports and MTV.

With powerful onboard text and graphic overlay features, including a full green screen virtual studio, and inputs for up to 6 separate cameras, the TriCaster is more than capable of delivering a true TV experience to your web audience.

If you are looking for best of breed streaming hardware and streaming services, backed up by industry leading service level agreements, then Streaming Wizard is your ideal partner.

Get in touch with us today on 01926 313448 if you have any questions regarding any of our products or require pricing information.

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