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Streaming Promotional Videos

Adding high quality streaming video to your website is proven as one of the most effective ways of increasing the impact of your site

Using streaming video on your site has repeatedly been shown to make visitors:

  • Stay longer – visitor times naturally increase as users stay to watch engaging streaming video.
  • Interact more – Good calls to action within your videos means customers are more likely to get in touch and become prospects.
  • Buy more! – Browsers become buyers when given all the information they need. Streaming media can give them this information faster and more effectively than any other media.

Using poor quality video, riddled with free provider adverts, to promote your business is a very good way to quickly turn off potential clients!

Whether you have just one promotional video or a whole catalogue of products with videos then our range of on demand streaming media packages will provide the high quality streaming hosting that your business needs in order to promote itself effectively on the web.

Your website is an important part of your company’s overall presence and using every available tool to make your message unique and memorable is essential, particularly in difficult market conditions.

The impact streaming video can have on visitors to your site is nothing short of remarkable.

Video is by far the most engaging, memorable media available – and it does not have to be prohibitively expensive. Producing a professional video 'short' (generally 45 second to 1 minute long) to advertise your products or services on your website can cost significantly less than a small brochure run or a large mail shot.

We have many clients who are not large corporate or multinational organisations all reaping the rewards of adding high quality streaming video to their website's.

Get in touch with us today on 01926 313448 and we can answer any of the questions you may have regarding adding video to your website.

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