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How to use the JW Player with Streaming Wizard's hosting services

This demonstrates the JW Player's ability to show little markers in the controlbar for chapter points.

*This example uses the JW Player version 6.7

These chapter markers are particularly useful for videos where there are specific points being addressed, but by a single speaker so the visual thumbnails are of no use.

The chapter details use a .vtt file, which can be made by any basic text editor (such as notepad). If you do this, make sure you save the file as a .vtt and not a .vtt.txt file. The webserver that hosts the player must also have the vtt/text mimetype set for the chapter markers to work.

You should always save your .vtt files in UTF8 encoding to prevent character issues using the 'Save As' option.

We also demonstrate another way of managing chapters in your video here.

For more information, check out JW Player's official instructions here.

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