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How to use the JW Player with Streaming Wizard's hosting services

This is an example of a setup that only allows one player on a page to play at a time. The other players are automatically stopped if another is started.

*This example uses the JW Player version 6.7

These two players each have a small peice of the JW Player's API integrated into their scripts. It is this code that, when Play is clicked, calls the other players individually and tells each of them to stop. To this end, each of the players has its own ID (in this case, 'container' and 'container2'), which must be called.

If you want to add extra players to the webpage, then simply amend and add the following line after .stop() jwplayer('[NewPlayerID]').stop(); This new player will need its own ID, or it won't even appear on the page.

For more information, check out JW Player's official instructions here.

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